Wool. That’s a hell of a title for a dystopia novel. If you haven’t read it yet I won’t spoil the titles’ meaning… You’ll get it quick enough and if you are like me, it will make you want to read more.

Depending on how you read Wool, it will be as several short stories downloaded as ebooks/stories, or as a full novel (omnibus edition) bought from a traditional bookseller. I’m glad I bought the full omnibus, as after each ‘story segment’ finishes, I REALLY wanted to find out more. Howey does a damn good job of 1. Making you care about the characters, and 2. offering cliffhangers that simultaneously answer questions and create yet more questions. That is a talent.

The world of Wool is a multilayered dystopian future where humans live underground in massive self-containing ’silos’. (Note… Don’t really know what I’m meaning fully by the term: “multilayered dystopian future”, but it sounds cool, so I’m keeping it in). Not everyone is playing fair, of course, and our protagonists find themselves finding out the horrible truth of their existence during each story and through every subtle twist of the plot.

There is a bundle of great characters in Wool. Jules is our main protagonist, a mechanic from the lower levels that gets elevated above her (supposed) station in the silo with disastrous consequences… And I was going to start telling you the plot, but that would be spoiling things. I suggest going and finding it for yourself! You can buy Wool on amazon here.

If you want to know more about the author, and discover all about his rise to fame from self-published-indie-author to world-wide-known author, check out his rather honest blog here. Oh, and look out for a film of Wool in the future – Ridley Scott has bought up the rights for the story…

Wool has all the great hallmarks of good dystopian future stories and has a twist on every level… All the way down to mechanical, and all the way back up to the outside world and, ultimately, death.

What do you think about this kind of futuristic/dystopian story? If you have read it already do you think it will make a good film?


By utter chance while I was reading Wool by Hugh Howey (we will be posting about this dystopian series later in month) I finally stumbled across this amazing ‘apocalyptic’ track by Imagine Dragons (great band name too). A good soundtrack can really set the mood as we all know, though sometimes its hard to find the right music for SF and dystopian fiction, games and films… But it is out there.

Such music is especially strong when writing also, and can unlock that right feeling for our characters or scene – how many of you have came across writers blogs that list their novel soundtrack? Lots I’m guessing!

When I find any songs or music that I think we will like here I’ll post it up, in the meantime enjoy the track and if you have any favourite apocalyptic/futuristic music let us know here!



Here at Cacotopian we intent to search out new stories of our dark future as well as looking back at classic dystopian and SciFi fiction. With this in mind, we did consider starting out with a classic, but we decided to go with something current that aims to tell its story across several formats and offer interactivity on a larger scale than we usually see for a television series.

We are talking about Defiance, a new show from the SyFy Channel that has a tie-in MMO computer game from Trion Worlds This will be interesting to watch to see how it pans out – it could very well be one future way of telling stories – offering us a television series and letting us jump online and immerse ourselves in the world.

We liked the Pilot: fun characters, decent story and an alien-ridden-post-war future, just what we like here. If you are into gaming and cross-format storytelling, this will be right up your alien-filled, apocalyptic street.

Other stuff we enjoyed about Defiance: Mal Solo (watch it and your find the DNA strands of the Firefly and Star Wars characters…); Arkfalls (if you don’t know already, go find out!), and the cool idea of interactivity across the differing mediums.

Go find out more here: Defiance

What do you think of the cross-format interactivity of Defiance?

Hello world!


Welcome to Cacotopian, a blog dedicated to our dark future. We will celebrate dystopian futures, post-apocalypse fiction and good writing here on the blog, searching for stories across many different mediums, from novels, and ebooks, to films, art, TV and games.

We will aim to showcase and discuss all of these and more, and build a community of like-minded people who want to share their favourite stories and help find new and exciting dystopian and SF stories.

Right now we will aim to post up minimum once a week, so follow us here or on twitter for the latest updates. Though, we will soon be looking for contributors, so look out for the details soon.

First full post coming soon! For now, feel free to share what your favourite dystopian story is right now.

Welcome to Caco…

Welcome to Cacotopian…

“This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.” – Morpheus